Who we are

The ZENTRUM TEMPUS Bielefeld e.V. is a non-profit association and a member of the equal welfare association.

More and more people feel that they are barely able to cope with the constantly changing social conditions and the associated challenges without professional support.

With our offers, we create free space for new things, so that our society can live in individual freedom and in orientation towards common good.

We stand up for respect, tolerance, openness to the world, equal rights, equal chances in life and for social cohesion.

Our team works in a multilingual, interdisciplinary and multi-professional manner.

Our offers

The focus of our work is on transcultural psychosocial counseling.

Further offers are:

  • Projects for the common good
  • Psychosocial process support
  • Support and accompaniment of self-help groups in their native language
  • Workshops on various topics
  • Multiplier training courses on various topics

We work in an appreciative and respectful manner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for various cooperation possibilities!



The association ZENTRUM TEMPUS Bielefeld e.V. supports and advises people from the age of 16 who are in challenging and difficult life situations and life contexts. The association works in a partisan, holistic, client-centered, culture- and gender-sensitive, solution- and resource-oriented manner with a positive psychotherapeutic approach. Counseling is multilingual and transcultural.

Our counseling is conducted by professional experts. Depending on the profession and their individual transcultural skills, they have the opportunity to adequately put themselves in the shoes of the person being counselled.

Our advice can be given in person or by telephone.

Our open consultation hours are:

Thursdays from 16.00 – 18.00

Our telephone consultation times are:

Tuesdays from 10.00 to 12.00

Thursdays from 10.00 to 12.00

We maintain confidentiality.

You can leave us a message on our answering machine at any time. We will contact you immediately.

Appointments take place by arrangement.

Our telephone number:

0521 44 818 438

You will always find an adequate support with us!


Transcultural psychosocial counseling

Many migrant people, who find themselves in difficult life situations and contexts, can be impaired in health and/or psychologically. Such people are not able to organize their everyday life and their life independently. They experience many obstacles and are restricted in their lifestyle. These people also do not succeed in getting adequate help. As an association we are aware of the plurality of such problems and pick up the individual where he or she is. One possible way to deal with this is the so-called „transcultural competence“. Transculturality pursues a concept of cultural diversity, i.e. the mixing, interweaving and commonalities between cultures and is directed against unequal treatment and discrimination.

Our psychosocial counseling is transcultural, so that the different realities of people’s lives can be encountered. Essential instruments such as self-reflection, background knowledge, experience and empathy are used in our counseling. Our transculturally competent professionals avoid any kind of stereotyping and generalization of certain groups in their counseling. The specialists conduct the consultation in different languages.

Our counseling is characterized by telephone, personal contacts and accompaniment.

The content of the consultation varies according to individual circumstances. In accordance with the individual circumstances, our transcultural psychosocial counseling deals with contents such as work/employment, day structuring, leisure activities, health/illness, trauma, domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, racism and shaping social relationships.


Trauma Consulting

Trauma counseling is an important pillar of our consulting services. Trauma counseling supports and advises people who cannot cope with the consequences of a trauma, i.e. a life-threatening or distressing event, or who suffer from it in their daily lives. The consequences of trauma can show their effects even after years and limit a person’s quality of life. Even after an acute trauma, symptoms can occur that lead to confusion. In our consultation, the individual has the opportunity to understand and accept the situation after/after a trauma, to regain lost competencies and to use potential abilities.

Relatives of people who have experienced a traumatic event may also be psychologically impaired. Therefore, we also advise relatives.


Psychosocial process support

From January 1, 2017, particularly vulnerable injured persons will be entitled to professional support and assistance throughout the entire criminal proceedings, the so-called psychosocial process support.

ZENTRUM TEMPUS Bielefeld e.V. offers psychosocial process support for victims of violence/crime.

What is psychosocial process support?

Psychosocial process support is a particularly intensive form of support during and after the trial. It includes qualified support, information transfer and assistance in criminal proceedings. The main aim is to reduce the individual burden on the victims.

What do psychosocial trial counselors do?

Psychosocial counsellors provide information and offer qualified care and support. This makes it easier to understand the processes and tasks of the people who are involved in criminal proceedings.

Psychosocial counsellors accompany people to the interrogations, support them during the waiting periods and help them to cope with fears and possible burdens in connection with the criminal proceedings.